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DIGICHAIN Business Core

How can a crypto asset develop and survive?
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DIGIDEX Decentralize Exchange

Decentralize exchange was developed by the Digichain team in February 2022, the Digidex development is in the binance smart chain ecosystem by having Digidex's Router and Factory. Implementation of a system that has a value, both for developers, users and other developers is a focus of the digichain team, by providing a 0.3% transaction fee that is converted into a token binance smart chain or WBNB divided into three parts 0.1% Digichain Team, 0.1 % Other developers, 0.1% will automatically buy DIGICHAIN Coin and throw it at dead Address (Buy back and burn).


If in general Launchpad only provides open pre-sales and lockers,
it's different from NodePad.

a feature development that invites other developers to have the freedom to determine a final value or Hard Cap, NodePad facilitates other developers HardCap which can be set up to 10x the number of SoftCap. development of other features such as the Presale Partnership which facilitates other developers involving other tokens to make the requirement to hold other tokens to potential investors or potential contributors by setting the amount determined by the token developer.

We provide KYC, AUDIT, and Doxxed facilities openly for all developers who use NodePad to gain good value trust from investors, besides that users can cancel contributions during the pre-sale. and developers can only take 30% of pre-sales results and 70% is thrown into liquidity pools. We apply this system for mutual security and real trust.


The digichain team at consists of people who are highly committed and have the right expertise in each field in developing WEB3 and Blockchain technology.

Most of the team has a technology and banking background, pushing Digichain to become a necessity for people who are active in the world of crypto, blockchain, Web3. innovate to build a new system to create a new civilization in the blockchain world.


We will present our fastest roadmap, once completed
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